“A Bad Dog Is A Sad Dog” – Cate Sacks

Shelter Dogs to Dream Dogs IS NOT a shelter or a rescue and won’t take the dog you are abandoning. We provide one-on-one Boot-camp and Private training that will teach you and your dog the needed and consistent rules of social behavior while raising your dog’s self esteem and respect.

Let me help you understand why your dog is doing what he/she is doing and why the end result is in the form of bad behavior, aggression, dominance, fear, etc. leaving you wondering why your sweet puppy has simply turned into a “Bad Dog”.

I help you to see the world through your dog’s eyes showing you why your dog’s actions are the way they are, and together we find the solution while I guide you in the changes that works for your family and lifestyle.  Both my Boot-camp and Private training will teach you and your dog needed and consistent rules while raising self esteem and respect.  The once chaos within your home from your dog’s previous behavior will slowly disappear… leaving your family feeling calm and your dog respectful with high and happy self esteem.