I train for service dogs for Autism and children on the spectrum, PTSD, Parkinson’s, Anxiety, Mobility. In learning about your situation and needs, as well as your dog that you are bringing for training..

My program is simple and works like this….
I am happy to train your family pup if he or she is suitable for the job. During training I test for aggression as well as the area’s needed for you. The dog is rehabbed and put into training. If at any time along the way I do not feel the dog has what it takes to do the job needed, then I will let you know and we will discuss how to proceed. I will talk with you about hopeful candidates, but will only invite you to meet when I feel that the first step of rehab and training is done, in case the dog falls out of training….I don’t want any broken human hearts . Once the adoption has been made this binds the contract and we will continue with service dog training, taking the dog off the market for further adoption. I stay with you and your dog through the training of your pup but if at any time you wish to return your dog, no refunds will be given but a new dog can be found.

Boot Camp

This training after the adoption has been made gives the extra training needed to help with specific issues for the new handler. The dog will now begin specialized training for his new owner and new life. During this time period the new owner will also visit to start their one on one training. By the time the two weeks is up, both dog and owner will feel like one and so the transition from my home to your home will be easier.

10 Sessions Private Training

This is important in order to teach you, and your family how to continue to teach your new pup on the right path of being your service dog. Without a relationship between the pup and the new owner, training does not happen, these lessons help to hand over leadership to the new owner in a controlled way to help the pup follow and respect his/her new leader. These sessions start while the pup is still training and living with me. Each session will be geared solely towards your needs.

I am at the end of my email, texts and phone for the life of your dog. If you ever have a question please don’t hesitate to ask. It will take an initial couple of weeks for your dog to stay overnight for training with me with you coming to work with him/her before the pup is ready. Each session you will be given fun exercises to work with your dog. Working your dog in this way will create the relationship needed for you both to become a working team. Don’t worry, we will work at your pace!

Many parents who have kids with autism need a dog to act as an Anchor Dog,  which acts as an anchor for children who have a tendency to dart away.


Hi Cate,
I keep meaning to write you and tell you how wonderful Polly is doing.  We love her so much.  She is so sweet and so good with both girls, especially Emme.  Emme was so ambivalent when she first met Polly and I was worried that she would never really warm up to her but she has changed so much in the past few months.  Polly has never really been a “treat” dog and she won’t care to eat dog food if Elle or I offer her some in our hand.  Emme has a game though, where she will bring her one piece of food at a time, from her bowl, and Polly will eat it out of her hand every time!  It always makes Emme laugh and it is so sweet to watch.  Emme will often go up and sit in her bed with her and pet her on her own or just lay really close next to her.  I really love watching it.

Polly has also learned during therapy if Emme starts having a meltdown she will go up and start licking her face or try and distract her and a lot of times it works!!  Speech therapy has a two way window and a separate room for parents so I have watched Polly do this through the window, even when I am not there encouraging her to do so.  She’s so smart!  Emme also likes to try and independently feed Polly and give her water.  It is really good for her to take the initiative to “care” for something and sequence finding the food, opening the bag, and filling the bowl, etc all on her own. It really surprised me the first time I saw her try and do this!

Polly has become my warning sign and I can’t tell you how many parents I’ve told this to and they agree that its a great thing to have. When my daughter is being ridiculous and people are staring I feel so much less judged when Polly is there with her jacket on.  Its like a sign saying “we have issues, don’t stare”:)  It makes me so much more comfortable about bad behavior and meltdowns and I handle it so much better.

I have never known a dog could be as well behaved as Polly.  She goes practically everywhere with me.  She has gone up escalators, elevators and has even ridden the sky tram at the zoo!  Pretty much anything I ask of her, she doesn’t even hesitate.  She loves to go places so much, even if she doesn’t get out of the car.  I can take her to the playground with the girls and tell her to sit and stay by our stuff and she doesn’t budge!  She just lays there and watches us.  Even when other dogs go by.  She is so smart!  She has also calmed down a lot and I can leave her home (which I don’t often do:) tied to her bed.  The first few weeks we had her she was so nervous, and would shred the blankets I left her with.  I think she knows now that we will be back:)

Anyway, I just wanted to send you and update and thank you again.  Polly really is a special dog and I’m so thankful that you found her and trained her for us!