TherapyDogHeart Many unwanted shelter dogs and bored house dogs have chosen to continue training, and have passed the Therapy Dog Tests ( FYI – My graduation rate is 99%).

These dogs are now working in hospitals, schools, etc to help humans. Kinda ironic, huh?

These cuddly canines deserve our help, as much as we need theirs. Once both handler and dog have completed my simple therapy classes, I will call the tester who drives to my facility from El Centro. It is all done for you!

Please contact me if you’d like any additional information.

HoneyBear1Honey Bear is the first dog I trained as a therapy dog, and she’s very special! Here is her story:

Honey Bear is a very special dog. She is duel trained as a therapy dog and as a service dog. Her primary function is as my service dog. I have Parkinson’s and she has been trained as a Parkinson’s walking dog. Honey Bear walks with me everywhere I go. She assists me in setting my gait and she provides a sturdy balance for me. She has recently been trained and fitted for a harness to provide further assistance in my balance. With Honey Bear I have gained the independence to go out in the world and do volunteer work once again.

Honey Bear the therapy dog helps me as a volunteer. Honey Bear has passed the tests with Therapy Dogs International and has participated in over 100 hours of giving as a therapy dog. Honey Bear works at the Point Loma Library reading with children. She also tutors children at several elementary schools.

HoneyBear2Honey Bear also “works” at the USO at the San Diego Airport. She is there to greet soldiers as they return from Afghanistan or Iraq or to encourage new recruits headed to MCRD boot camp.

Honey Bear is also an advocate for Parkinson’s Disease. She is very active in raising funds for Parkinson’s research and has a team for the annual Parkinson’s Walk.

She has visited Sacramento and spoken to State Senators about the importance of funding research here in California.

Honey Bear is an extremely busy and very well trained dog. She is in many situations on a daily basis that are unique and challenging. She always knows what to do and does it.

Pippi the Therapy Dog - Shelter Dogs to Dream Dogs

From Shelter Dogs to Working Dogs At St. Madelaine’s Sophie Center and with Autism

Millie Doing Work @ St. Madeline’s Sophie Center


Millie and Molly were brought to the shelter along with 30 other Chihuahua mixes, a few cats and a rooster.  She was in a hoarding house situation and was found when the house caught fire.

Millie and a few other of her siblings came to Cate and each of the pups now have a life of work. Molly, her sister, is a family dog who helps her human 9 year old family member who lives with autism.  Millie is an active working dog at the St. Madelaine’s Sophie Center, along with Jewell who is an adorable little Golden Doodle.  All of these dogs were rescued and trained by Cate and work at the St. Madelaine’s Sophie Center bringing happiness to everyone they meet each day.

Molly Doing work with her 9 year old Autistic boy


Remember Molly from about a year ago?  Well let me tell you that she has been the best thing that ever happened to our 9 year old autistic son, Cooper.  That dog is so wonderful with him, tolerant, loving, gentle and patient.  Molly calms him down when he is upset and is his true best friend.  Just wanted to let you know how well she is doing at our home.