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pawBoot Camp

I offer a boot camp where your dog is trained while you are regularly reported to. Leave me your crazy, aggressive, fearful or just disrespectful dog and I will have your best dog waiting by the time you get home.

Your dog will be working hard! These dogs work with me on my property but also follow me on every errand or training session that I go on while you are away. I will have your dog in the malls, with children, at parties, etc, so by the time you get home your dog will have experienced good behavior in every different situation.  Daily picture updates are available via email/text or Facebook upon request.

Please call for pricing info.

pawTraining Classes

After your new dog has become part of your family, I offer further private training sessions where we start one-on-one. The lessons quickly move to a local mall and park, where we train in real-life situations. You and your dog will be training inside stores, around toddlers, and dealing with life in a very exciting, controlled way. Bring your most out-of-control dog and lets walk the malls!

Single Session (1 hour)

Includes an assessment of you and your animal and a basic rundown of your problem – Please call for pricing info.

Chelsea’s Light Foundation:

Chelsea’s Light Foundation is implementing Peer Counseling into schools.  

We wanted Bella to help be a part of it by making students feel comfortable.  In order ror Bella to become a Therapy Dog we had to do it right.  We could not make any short cuts, and we could not just choose anyone to train our dog, not just a dog but now a new member of our family.  We knew If Bella was going to have the privilege of having Chelsea’s name and Chelsea Light Foundation on her vest we had to make sure she was trained and certified through a recognized and proper channel. After a lot of searching Catherine Sacks of Shelter Dogs to Dream Dogs was highly recommended to us to train Bella for her Therapy Dog test.  Once meeting Catherine and learning that she is a runner like Chelsea we knew she was the one for Bella.

The day Bella entered Cates Boot Camp for Dogs she was disrespectful and an undisciplined dog.  When we picked up Bella after being with Catherine’s Boot Camp she came back to us a whole different dog.  Bella, sat, stayed, went to her bed, walked without pulling and more all after a few simple commands.  Bella was trained and now it was time for Catherine to train us. She spent time with us to make sure we used the commands correctly and ended everything with praise for our newly trained Bella.  Through Catherine Sacks and her dog training we now have a certified Therapy Dog and one that we can be confident and will wear Chelsea’s name on her vest and represent Chelsea’s Light Foundation with pride.

Lynn Giles

Here’s what another happy boot camp customer had to say:

ChiefAfter nearly giving up on the dog we rescued I was lucky enough to find Cate! Our dog “Mischief” (who now goes by “Chief”) had earned his name. He’d jumped our fence several times, knocked over our son, stolen food from the table, grabbed socks, shoes and other clothing items to chew on, and that’s just the beginning. He had been in boot camp with another trainer for almost a month and come home no different. We were frustrated and discouraged. It seemed like Cate was Mischief’s last chance. We soon found out that Cate has experience with a lot of “last chance” dogs. The first night we met her Cate had Chief walking camly on the leash in under 5 minutes (o.k. it was closer to 2 or 3 minutes). We left that first meeting cautiously hopeful that she could work miracles during the 4 day bootcamp. What she accomplished in 4 days was amazing! I received pictures of Cate and our dog out shopping, Chief at the beauty parlor, Chief quietly resting next to a completely untouched piece of warm buttered toast. I could never have dreamed that he could behave so well in these situations.

I have been a dog owner for 8 years and a dog lover all my life, but I have never ever seen a trainer inspire good behavior in dogs without a single treat!  The dogs respect Cate’s leadership and want to please her.  We soon came to realize that most of Chief’s issues were due to his owners (us!!) not his nature.  Now the training continues, only it is my husband and I that need to be trained.  We’ve learned that training is a process, not an event.  With Cate’s continued support we hope that our dog will eventually behave as perfectly for us as he does for Cate!